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First Float?

Before You Float

  • It is best not to have any caffeinated products at least 4 hours before floating.
  • Due to the salty water it is best if you don’t shave or wax prior to floating as the will sting any cuts or scrapes you may have. Any small cuts can be covered with petroleum jelly during the float to prevent salt water from getting to it. We do provide petroleum jelly in the ready room for your float.

Your First Float?

  • Please come 15-20 minutes early as we will tell you about the float center and show you a short video about floating.
  • Once inside your secure, private float room you will find your towel and earplugs. Each of our float rooms has their own shower. Please shower with soap and shampoo (provided or you can bring your own) to remove any body oils, lotions, makeup, and oils from hair. This is important to keeping the Pod filtration systems working properly. You do not need to use a swimsuit while floating in the Pods. You float room/suite is private and locked.
  • It is important to note here that for water hygiene reasons it’s important that women not float during their menstrual cycle.

Entering the Pod

Upon entering the pod you will find the lights and music on. The lights remain on until you turn them off. If you push the button several times it will change color each time and/or go off. The water is heated to skin temperature (93.8°), and even though it is only 10 inches deep, it contains over 900 pounds of pharmacopeia grade Epsom Salt. (This is the reason you are able to float on the surface.) Pull the lid down using the inside handle.

Gently lie back, the buoyancy will lift you up and support you. Allow your mind to fully relax your muscles into the skin temperature water. Your first sensory sensation will be that you can't tell where your body ends and the water begins and that you are floating in space. The ultimate float experience will be to turn the light and music off after a few minutes. Floaters with sports injuries or back pain experience some discomfort in the early stages. The mind will focuses on minor sensations due to the controlled environment. Keep relaxed and the aches and pains will start to drift away.

Relax! Your body and head are completely supported by the water. You do not need to force your head up and you’re in no danger of rolling over. In fact many floater fall into a deep rejuvenating sleep.

In-Pod Experience

Music and lights will be on in the Pod. You can turn off the lights first and settle in then turn off the music after 5-10 minutes. For the first time floater it will take awhile for your brain to settle down, but the music is designed to distract you from your own thoughts. Please do not become frustrated if it takes your mind a bit to settle down as everyone experiences this at first. The real benefits are normally felt after the session is complete.

Remember you are in a private room, so you can leave the pod door open if you wish (you may feel a chill if you leave it open the entire hour). You might want to leave the pod's interior light on.

If you get salt in your eyes there is a spray bottle of fresh water sitting inside the pod.

Ending the Float Session

The filtering pumps and lights will turn on at the end of your float session letting you know your time is up.  If you've fallen asleep and this doesn't wake you up you may hear a knock on your suite door.

Upon exiting the pod make sure to thoroughly rinse off all salty water and to rinse your ears thoroughly. Epsom salts is great for skin and hair and does not rob your skin of salt, thus there is no pruning or wrinkling, but instead your skin will be left soft and silky. No need to use soap and shampoo on your exit.

Please try to vacate the room within 10 minutes at the end of your session, as we need to prepare for the next client.

Upon leaving the float room we have a ‘ready-room’ with a hair dryer and mirror where you can put on make-up etc. before heading out.

Enjoy your float!