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Floating In The News

The following links are to videos and informative news stories about floating.



- Are You Pregnant? Great Article on Floating Pregnant  "Tips on Floating Advantages While Pregnant"

- 100 Small Things That Can Bring You Joy  "Finding YOUR Joy"

- TED talk on STRESS and the brain "How Chronic Stress Affects the Brain"

- Help For Navy SEALS through the science of floatation "Float to Treat Concussion & PTSD"

- Feb 2016 TIME Magazine Report on Floatation Therapy "The SCIENCE of the FLOAT"

- Golden State Warriors Float to Success Feb 2016 "Stephen Curry & Harrison Barnes"

- Customer Testimonials From Around the Country "My Float Experience"

- Dr. Oz tries Floatation Therapy October 2015 - "Dr. Oz's Experience"

- LA Huffington Post 'No Sight, No Sound, No Thanks' "Float Experience April 2015"

- Mother Nature Network, July 27, 2014 "What Is Floatation Therapy?"

- UTAH's KSL's Channel 5 Coverage On i-Float Sensation Ogden, Utah "Studio 5 with Brooke Walker and Mindy Dunyon"

- Channel 12 News, Austin, Texas, Aug 1, 2014 "Float Therapy Helping Veterans with PTSD"

- KUTV2 News coverage on i-Float Sensations in South Ogden, UT, June 2014 "Casey Scott Covers i-Float Sensations"

- Discovery Magazine April 4, 2014 "Floating Away: The Science of Sensory Deprivation Therapy"

- Oprah Magazine March, 2014  "Can a Sensory Deprivation Chamber Relieve Stress?"

- Vince Poscente Motivational Speaker  "Accelerated Letting Go"

- CNN Report On The Benefits of Floatation  "Floatation Tanks, Three Powerful Healing Therapies in One!"

- The Vancouver Sun News Article  "Sensory Deprivation Tanks Leave You Feeling Fulfilled"

- Huffington Post "Stress And Aging Effects" Floatation Reduces Stress Levels